The Best CBD and THC Sweet Treats

Marijuana edibles are some of the best ways to get your daily dose of CBD and THC without the hassle or effects of smoking, vaping, or the slow progression or taking tinctures and oils.

Additionally, you get the perfect kick out of it when the edibles are delicious and give you the perfect sugar trip too. We have a range of incredible edibles that you can add to your daily routine and enjoy them as snacks that work like magic too.

While some of our products contain both THC and CBD, there are those that are specifically higher in either cannabinoid, which means you can choose products that meet your needs.

Here are some of our top picks for the best THC and CBD desserts and candies from our range:

CBD Gummies (250mg)
Indulge in some of our delicious CBD gummies that are not only deliciously fruity but highly-effective containing high-quality CBD, to help you relax and get through the day. Easy to consume, these gummies can be taken daily and are totally hassle-free as you open a pack, pop them in your mouth and feel them kick in. Each pack contains ten pieces that can provide you the desired effect in no time.

Toss them in your bag, or pop them before you head out for the day, and you’re all set.

Strawberry lemon CBD gummies (300 mg)
Another classic choice, these tangy, sweet treats are perfect for anyone who loves fruity flavors. In a deliciously sour candy packed with CBD, you get a pack of gummies that you can take on the go. Have them in the morning, or at night, at home, or while you’re out and about. They’re easy to consume and highly-effective, with results lasting for hours on end. Indulge in them as a treat after a long, hard day, or as a little dessert.

Magic fudge THC brownies (100 mg)
Super classic, these THC brownies are perfect for all the stoners out there. We bring you the old-fashioned pot-brownie, but with a twist, we’re using only the highest quality THC sources in our products. You can expect to feel high, but also enjoy the health benefits of marijuana with a doze of these.

You can also make your own by using marijuana products that you can buy online through our website.

Chewy chocolate trip cookies (50 mg)
What could be better than a chocolate chip cookie? Absolutely nothing! Except maybe a chocolate trip cookie. You read that right; our THC cookies are a fun twist to a classic dessert and one that’s even sweeter as a munchie. Order yours today!

Don’t hold back when it comes to edibles, but be sure to buy edibles online and order your cannabis oil, edibles, and other products from a reliable dispensary such as ours. Contact us to know more.

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